***This is not aimed at any particular person(s). It is just a general statement***

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We have two wonderful dogs, Molly and Willow(she acts like a cat). We recently bought a house and are loving it there with our fur-babies.

My husband and I are introverts and love spending our spare time home with our dogs. We like being home. We treat our dogs as if they are our kids. I know what you are thinking, “Oh, one of those” as you roll your eyes because “how could anyone love a dog as if they are a child”. Or the “having dogs is not like having children, so you wouldn’t know”. But what people don’t realize is that a dog is very similar to a toddler. The only big difference is that it is acceptable to leave a dog home alone. We, and many more people, love our animals as children. If the day ever comes when we have children, we will never love our dogs any less or treat them any different. They are our family. They are our first kids. We feed, shelter, play with, and clean them. We clean up after them. We love them and they love us. Our home is with our dogs and with each other. Our house is their house. They should never feel threatened in their house. That is where they should feel the most safe and protected, just like someone else’s kids should feel the same in their home.


Dear Parent’s of human children who don’t think our dogs are our children,

Our dogs are our children. Please don’t expect me to treat someone else’s child better than my own. Don’t expect me to just let another child do whatever he/she wants to my child. Please do expect me to explain to you why it’s not right for you to let your child treat my child poorly. Don’t be upset when my child doesn’t want to play with your child, and don’t expect me to try and make my child play with your child. In their house and anywhere else they should be respected, and in someone else’s house they will respect the people there and their home.

My dogs love others and are so friendly. They give us unconditional love and we love them unconditionally right back, so please don’t ever expect us to treat them less than the children we see them as.

I will never show you or your children disrespect, so please do the same for us.

Human children and animal children should be treated fairly. Animal children should probably be treated better because if something is wrong or they are being hurt, they cannot tell someone the way a human child can.

So, please be kind and courteous and don’t act like your children are better than someone else’s just because they are different.


A Dog Mom